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Gaining Strategic Focus on Field Service Management

Workforce Management is gaining greater attention amongst CEOs and CIOs. Why? Simply, if you can optimise how your staff conducts their work then these efficiencies will result in better financial performance. This also includes remote, out-of-sight, mobile workers. Here Field Service Management offers opportunities for driving operational efficiencies.

Many companies fail to take advantage from a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to managing their mobile workforce. This trend is changing and digital transformation is happening across sectors from resources to healthcare to utilities. These industries have much to gain from a holistic approach.

Most of these organisations have multi-discipline teams: Asset Management. Environmental; Health & Safety and so on. They tend to work in their own silos or domain with little or no cross-over collaboration. Out of necessity, each is likely to be using their own method of conducting their field work.

An element of efficiency is whether you are able to standardise processes across the organisation. This scale brings about cost saving and the ability to incrementally improve on your processes. You just can’t do that when you have some field teams using paper forms, others excel and still more doing their own thing.

This is why it becomes critical for organisational leadership to drive change and bring about a strategic focus on becoming data driven. The move from highly ‘tactical’ (the Asset Management team using a process that works well for them) to Strategic (standardising processes across all teams) can produce profound operational efficiencies.

A field service management solution that can effectively work across all mobile teams will offer significant value. It will provide a standardised and centralised approach to managing field work, collecting and sharing data and streamlining the entire process (data source to data insights). The end result will be cost savings through higher productivity but just as important, it gives every level of the organisation the data insights to make better decisions faster.

For field service management to work at this strategic level requires a thorough understanding of operational processes and a clear view of where efficiencies might be gained across the enterprise. Often it makes sense to partner with an organisation that is highly focused on the challenges of field services management and can bring a wealth of expertise and best practices to ensure the right outcomes are achieved.

From building runways in Antarctica to reporting the daily oil production of an oil well in the desert to monitoring the Great Barrier Reef to assessing mining heavy machinery in Zambia. The Obzervr Platform provides a turnkey, SaaS solution to manage fieldwork from the Field to Site office to Boardroom.

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