Advanced Mobility

The resources sector is ‘always-on’ and has long been defined by the legacy systems that help it to function. However, as digitalisation continues to transform this sector, organisations are looking for common technologies that can help them balance requirements for uptime, security, and safety with the need to take advantage of digital innovation.

The current Obzervr platform provides a substantial leapfrog in ditigal transformation for clients. Obzervr’s core value proposition is derived from:

  1. Our cross-platform application (Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android)
  2. Extensible data model
  3. Short implementation time
  4. Cloud first approach
  5. Extensive API connections and
  6. Agilility

This allows our clients to implement a wide range of use-cases from simple Asset Management, Plant Maintenance, Safety, Production Monitoring, Environment Compliance and Sample management of minerals, machine fluids, soils and water.

We have leveraged our years of software engineering experience to create a platform that fits perfectly between a rigid and complex legacy systems (ERP) on one end of the spectrum and an infinitely custom software solution on the other. At the heart of the productive mobile worker is Speed, Collaboration, and Security.

Fast Sync

Mobile users only send and receive the smallest possible amounts of data, dramatically reducing sync times and battery drain for mobile devices. The Obzervr Sync Service leverages our events and commanding platform. This platform enables these key differentiators in mobility.

Collaborative, Secure Mobility

Mobile users can share a device with no additional sync required for each user while ensuring that users only concern themselves with the work they care about. This is important because it enhances collaboration between remote teams; requires less time to synchronise; synchronises only the changed information; prevents data conflict; uses less battery power and less data on the mobile device.

Work Together, Individually

Multiple users, on different devices can collaborate and complete the same assessment. Capturing photographs and comments, completing surveys and registering risks, faults and events without data conflicts or data loss. Online or Offline.

As an example, some of our customers perform multi-day, complex assessments that include daily sampling, measures and preparation work, besides the usual safety and assessment each day. In certain cases, the work requires different skills to complete the full, week-long assessment.

Using Obzervr Capture’s ability to collaborate, the specialist who arrives on Tuesday can clearly see all work completed by an earlier user on Monday, either on the same device or across devices.

We don’t see this level of flexibility from our competitors because data sync is a complex problem.

Obzervr Anywhere

At Obzervr we are constantly updating and optimising our platform. In our infrastructure team we are preparing an automated deployment of the full Obzervr platform running as a satellite zone in a Kubernetes cluster of Docker containers.

This will allow Obzervr to be deployed in low connectivity and high latency environments such as island nations, Antarctica, offshore rigs and space stations. An automated synchronisation between Obzervr satellites and the official Obzervr zones will provide access to the Obzervr Fieldwork Learning Models.

This facilitates the deployment of the Obzervr Platform to other Cloud Platforms such as GCP and Amazon.

Peer-to-peer Sync

The ability to function completely offline and through unreliable connectivity is a strong requirement from our customers. Thanks to the strong foundation provided by our sync technology, we are designing our next version of data sync to include peer-to-peer sync.

Peer-to-peer sync will allow our users to receive scheduled new work and updates from a peer mobile device instead of requiring all devices to synchronise centrally over the internet.

Obzervrs ambition is to become the leading provider of integrated mobility solutions for a future world. We’d love to talk more about what we see for the future of mobility. Email Camilla on [email protected] to arrange a discussion with our Engineering team.

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