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Social Licence to Operate

Companies in the Resources (Mining, Oil, Gas), Utilities, Construction and other sectors including Government are required to maintain their Social Licence to Operate. Their impact on the environment is governed by stringent requirements around conducting business within Compliance of Regulations. This requires them to not only provide environmental data prior to a Project initiation but also throughout its life and even to the point of decommissioning.

Simply put, if they do not provide these reports and show that they are in Compliance then they will not be permitted to conduct their business.

Often these Field Monitoring activities are conducted by 3rd parties (specialist service organisations). These Service companies may also use external Laboratories for sample testing.

You can see how any one requirement for environmental field data might touch at least 3 different organisations not even counting the Regulators! Everyone will be using different Business Systems and most likely different formats for handling the data. It is a convoluted process.

If you consider that many businesses are still using manual processes (paper forms, Excel) to capture field data, then that makes for a very slow, cumbersome way of doing business.

You can quickly see the impact to a project that may have a Life Time Value (LTV) of billions of dollars if there is any delay. If the project is not in compliance because environmental reports are not in order then the daily cost could be in thousands of dollars. Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) can be a long, drawn-out process. Anything that helps shorten the process will translate to your bottom-line. Simple.

Often Mining and Energy businesses operate in remote geographies which compounds the pain of paper-based data collection. The data remains unusable until it is manually entered into IT systems that can interpret all this information. If the paperwork has to be returned to HQ before this can happen there will be a costly delay. This process also allows greater probability of errors since the additional step of manual data entry adds additional risk to accuracy.

Obzervr has simplified what was once a complex and time-consuming process of capturing, transferring, reviewing, and managing critical environment and water quality data.

Looking at the example of a Hydrogeologist we can see how Obzervr streamlines the whole process so that a Company can start using actionable data, faster, cheaper and more accurately than ever before. Typically there will be a number of site visits to conduct on any given day; perhaps they are looking at Water Bore Assessments. With Obzervr, the Hydrogeologist can receive Assignments on her Mobile Device (Tablet, Smart Phone) sent by her Supervisor. Obzervr can also integrate with existing Scheduling Software.

The Hydrogeologist then can use Obzervr and GPS/GIS information to plan out the most efficient route to cover all the sites. Pre-configured checklists will ensure she has all the necessary equipment related to the Assignments that day.

Obzervr was designed to ensure that its use was intuitive. We simply take your existing work-flow and have that work in an easy-to-use application. The checklists extend to the Assignment itself complimented with a Progress Bar. In addition Guidelines and Alerting ensure that she captures data right first time, every time.

Crucially, Obzervr works Offline and Online. Since most Environmental Monitoring Assignments tend to be in remote places this capability ensures higher productivity no matter network coverage. More importantly through her mobile device she can also access all relevant contextual information regarding her Assignment including historical monitoring/tests and photos/videos. She will also be able to use her device’s camera to capture critical photos.

So the Hydrogeologist can focus on their experience and skills. They can be a ‘knowledge worker’ without being encumbered by archaic processes and administration

Once within Network coverage, the application will synch with business systems. The advantages are many: (1) you begin working with data faster; (2) no need to transcribe paper forms, saving costs and reducing error rates (3) multiple parties have access to the same, clean data.

That last point is important. As mentioned, it is typical for Customers to use a specialist service company to conduct the surveys. They then need to send samples to laboratories. Ultimately, the Customer has to report on Compliance to the Government. Obzervr makes this whole process very, very simple. The data process is streamlined and anyone can view the outcomes as Obzervr has built in audit trails.

It was always the Vision of Obzervr to not only enable the Productive Field Worker, but to streamline processes that extend beyond the Customer. The outcomes from using Obzervr are working with more accurate, actionable data, faster with reduced costs of Operations.

Through sophisticated Reporting and Dashboard views you are able to make better decisions, faster!

If you are involved with Environmental Monitoring, I would love to show you what is possible with Obzervr. Email Camilla on [email protected]

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