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Roadblocks and Solutions

Whilst roadblocks will always pop up from time to time, solutions like Obzervr are out there to minimize risks and protect against projected losses across your business. Since the inception of Obzervr, we have seen so many roadblocks stopping a client from operating at their full capacity and potential. We have seen everything from a lack of production incentive to a lack of plan, inaccurate forecasting around unscheduled downtime and mismanaged personnel. We have seen profit margin decreases directly affected by the commodity market, issues with the productivity of people and culture, as well as safety and environmental incidents and breaches. What we have learnt, is that no challenge is too big or too small for Obzervr.

The solutions we offer are always backed by the client’s data and analytics and are proven to be effective every time.

The solutions we offer provide our customers with a 45-55% productivity improvement, a 30-50% reduction in downtime, not to mention 20-50% reduction in inventory reduction (on average). So, if the commodity price is down, lets investigate a reduction in inventory through planned downtime to close the gap on your profit margin. Let us influence a better maintenance strategy through follow on workorders being documented in real time to avoid the machine breakdown with irreversible repair. Or worse still, a long out of service period while parts are shipped from Germany or Chile… we have all been there and can all recall that feeling of a failed maintenance system.We also work with culture and personnel. Every great optimization project that succeeds has one thing in common- people embracing and driving the culture around the retrospective change. Sometimes this can be difficult when you are introducing tools that be viewed as a HR assistant- a timekeeper if you will. But when the operators see that Obzervr is providing them with a much easier day to day, we find they embrace the project. We have had clients in the past who had their field service teams closing out their work orders in the last 30 minutes of their shift. It wasn’t that the work was being crammed into that 30 minutes, it was simply that paperwork was filled out at the end of the shift because the field teams were too busy with actual hands-on labor that they fell into the habit of paperwork at the end of the shift… this way they had their gloves off and clean hands. Fast forward 6 months and we are seeing operators gather data and analytics in real time via their tablet whilst the job is being done. The field team is capture photos and scanning barcodes all whilst Obzervr is geo tagging their location as the job is being done. They are entering break through work orders in real time so that their asset health is being captured in real time and their location is captured should something go terribly wrong.

When you remove the biggest roadblocks within an operating model, the smaller roadblocks seem to be easier and quicker to work through. Businesses tend to fix the roadblocks at the time- in real time. Not in 6 months when they are suddenly found in a paper storm on someone’s desk and have already turned into a big roadblock.
Obzervr is leading the way to ensure the mining industry is improving across the board with a notable increase in revenue margins… Does this sound like a platform you need to invest in? Book a demo today.