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Open, real-time integration

Integration creates a lines of communication between two systems that allow more efficient communication between connected plant equipment, operators and other machinery. Many industries, especially those that rely on information technology, computer networking, and automated machinery, implement system integration to achieve more efficient processes

Obzervr’s integration strategy is to offer our customers the ability to easily integrate Obzervr into broader, enterprise-wide business processes and data flows.

We support the latest integration technologies, standards and techniques that enable developers and non-developers[1] to include Obzervr in their end-to-end business processes that involve multiple, best-of-breed systems to achieve a holistic, real-time process.

Gartner calls this the Post-modern ERP[2] and to truly participate systems need to be event-driven and avoid polling and batch techniques for integration.

REST APIs and Web Services

To participate in this web of open connectedness, systems need to accept and act in real-time as their systems are called upon to participate.

Obzervr offers real-time APIs for all functions available in Obzervr, in fact, the Obzervr platform experiences such as Obzervr Capture (Mobile) and Obzervr Manager (Web Portal) use Obzervr APIs to complete all requests.

Beyond APIs (Webhooks)

Obzervr provides real-time notification of activity that has taken place within the system so that external systems can take subsequent, real-time action. An external system subscribes to these notifications via something called a webhook.

Without webhooks, the system is relegated to a secondary participant in the broader process. Instead of being a core, leading, driving component of the end-to-end process.

For example, when an Assessment is completed in Obzervr Capture (Mobile), Obzervr provides webhooks for external systems to subscribe to these events in real-time. Even though Obzervr can provide email notification of these events natively, a broader end-to-end business process may dictate that a more complex set of notifications are required. With this simple hook, the process can extend to text messaging (SMS), Slack channel posting, WhatsApp group notifications, ServiceNow service management job closure, SAP Work Order update and completion, or any complex system or process our customers can imagine.


[1] leveraging tools (IFTTT, Zapier, Microsoft Power Apps, etc.)


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