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Obzervr Extensible Data Model series

Obzervr’s core value proposition comes out of the following key factors:

1. Our cross-platform application (Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android)
2. Extensible data model
3. Short time of implementation
4. Cloud-first approach
5. Extensive API connections and
6. Agility

This allows our clients to implement a wide range of use-cases to every aspect of their business. Whether it's applied to simple Risk and Safety checklists, Production Monitoring, Equipment calibration, GIS integration, Environment Compliance frameworks, Laboratory Sampling for Minerals, Oil, Soils and Water... Obzervr will be a game-changer across all aspects of your business.

These core values also allows our quality data model to work at a higher level. Just as architects consider blueprints before constructing a building, you should consider data before building an app. On average, about 70 percent of software development efforts fail, and a major source of failure is premature coding. The Obzervr difference is that our data model helps define the problem, enabling you to consider different approaches and choose the best one for your business.

Further to this, you can build applications at lower cost via data models. Data modeling typically consumes less than 10 percent of a project budget and can significantly reduce 70 percent of the budget that is typically devoted to programming. Data modeling catches errors and oversights early, when they are easy to fix. This is better than fixing errors once the product is deployed, in production, or in the hands of customer.

Tomorrow at 11am we will be talking about our scope and a quicker time to market!

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