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Multi-tenant SaaS at Scale

SaaS as a concept has been around for over a decade. Businesses the world over have made the switch to SaaS offerings. Read on to find out why.

Software-as-a-Service or ‘SaaS’ as a concept has been around for over a decade. Businesses the world over have made the switch to SaaS offerings. According to the Computer Economics report, around 60% of all companies have now integrated at least some percentage of SaaS solutions into their business, with nearly 36% aiming to increase their investment in the months to come. (

Key reasons for this include:

  • Eliminate additional infrastructure and staff costs
  • Accelerate deployment process
  • Subscription, pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Receive continuous updates and upgrades
  • All internal IT / Application staff to focus on more strategic projects
  • Reduce the risk of failed deployments

But what is Multi-tenant SaaS, why is it important and what does it mean in business terms?

Fundamentally, it means hosting and operating your software and data platform for your customers as a service. Many traditional software organisations are making the switch to service management offerings for their customers, but do these offerings scale exponentially?

In our experience, most traditional software migrations to ‘SaaS’ offerings are purely hosting plans. They miss a critical requirement for SaaS to add significant value – Exponential Scale.

Real SaaS

To Obzervr, Real SaaS means the ability to offer a full platform with both shared and dedicated resource offerings; where the platform can scale to allow 3 users to use the platform for a handful of dollars on one day and scale-out to 12,000 users the next day.

Real SaaS means being available globally, from anywhere that an internet connection can be made with data residency options to suite all customers.

From building runways in Antarctica to recording the birth and movement of cattle to reporting the daily oil production of an oil well in the desert to monitoring the Great Barrier Reef to assessing gold mining heavy machinery. Obzervr Platform provides a turnkey, SaaS solution to manage fieldwork from the Field to Site office to Boardroom. Ask us how today. Contact Camilla on [email protected]

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